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The gay Thailand forum Baht Stop is under new ownership. I can only hope they got it as part of a dowry. More likely, they so totally screwed up their karma in a previous life that they now have to suffer the fools who routinely post on this worthless board.


BS, as apt of a set of initials as there ever were, always has been an even mix of lunatics and political fanatics, not unlike what passes for news programming on FOX in America. How the Thai government (who evidently has spies hiding under your bed according to BS) ever allowed this board to stay afloat is beyond me. There are regular posts that one-sidedly slam the powers that be. Of course, the poor Red Shirts get the kid glove treatment. It’s fine with me for you to take either side of the debate on that issue as long as you recognize there are two sides. But then maybe the Thai government has reviewed the site and realized it’s nothing but a small handful of crazies collectively  in need of an adjustment to their medicines.

It’s not just Thai politics that get the BS treatment either. All SE Asian countries are game. And while you’re at it go ahead and throw in The U.S. and Australia, too. Maybe I wouldn’t have that big of a problem with Baht Stop’s existence if they stuck to Thai issues over there, but really, how does a photo of John Travolta not wearing his hairpiece fit in?

The political goes to even weirder levels when a poster starts a rant about how the ‘goy’ owned press in America failed to mention that there were Jewish people killed in the recent earthquake in New Zealand. Mmmmm, a dead body is a dead body. Since when did the press in any country covering a major tragedy start listing the religious affiliation of those killed? Silly me! That’s using common sense – which has absolutely no place in a political rant.

One of the new rules at Baht Stop limits posters to seven entries a day. Which has several of the regulars fuming. I was about to comment on the quality of life one must have to be posting that many times daily on any board, but then realized once again that quality and the average BS poster are not subject matters that should ever be thought of at the same time. In any case, after clicking on one of the subject topics over there, which I seldom do, I noticed the infamous Beachlover has joined the gang at BS. That posting limit suddenly makes sense.

I was originally going to say it’s time for this forum to stop. But think instead it’d be a great place to shuffle off the crazies as the make an appearance on the other gay Thailand boards instead. Oh, wait. That’s what it already is!

You can always get a sense of the spirit of a forum board by taking a quick look at the first page list of subject topics. Here’s what you’ll find in addition to the political rants over at BS today:

Penalties for conspiring to have sex with dogs in America are harsh

Have you had sexual congress with a non-human animal?

‘Nuff said.

Turtle Ass Award

Turtle Ass Award Winner: Baht Stop