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Thanks for clicking in to my blog today, ‘cuz I know that you, like me, are probably anxiously waiting in front of your television for the news that the future crown of England has finally crowned. And even those of you not interested in the royal dropping, if you’re in Thailand, are face with another of those pesky Buddhist holidays when you can only get drunk if you can find a bar that will sneak a few shots into your cup of joe.

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If I was a better person, I’d have a full post for you today to take your mind away from both, or either of those troubles. No such luck. But on the plus side, if I was a lower form of life, I’d be posting private financial information of a current or former message board owner for your enjoyment today. But since I’m not, I won’t. And will leave that to those intent on ruining their own reputation while attempting to ruin the rep of someone else. I’d say it was just a case of two guys who’ve lost touch with reality fighting to see who has the bigger dick, but the royal newborn will undoubtedly have them both beat anyway. Even if it too is a queen.

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So instead of joining the lunatic derby, I’ll take the easy way out and post my fourth series of pix of Thailand’s leading hunk of gorgeousness, Chaiwat ‘Tob’ Thongsaeng. Because there can never be enough Tob in the world. Since appearing in all of his adorable cuteness in Bangkok Love Story, Tob has matured into a true hunk of manhood. As cute as he was as a young ‘un, personally I think he has grown to be even more attractive as each year passes. Ignoring the royal birthing, dry religious holiday, and lunatic message board owners thingys, it was the top photo that caught my attention and provided the muse for today’s post. In fact, you can consider the additional shots as a bonus. ‘Cuz that first one is enough to perv over for the entire day. Those are some massive headlights. Just in case your thoughts are turning to suckling these days.

chaiwat 4

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