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Bangkok Back


Back in Bangkok again and reunited with Noom, my bar boy friend and current love of my life. And back at the Rose Hotel – wasn’t that impressed three weeks ago with the place, but it was a cheap way to leave some luggage in Bangkok and avoid Air Asia’s exorbitant excess baggage fees. The room was about the same though the shower a bit cleaner than last time (that would be less mold growing along the grout lines). Breakfast at the Rose is so uninspired we started going down the street to Kafe something or other instead. But I’m getting ahead of myself . . .

When I left Bangkok and Noom I headed to Penang for a few days. Great island for a short visit. You can spend hours wandering the historical streets of George Town, while away the day laying on any of the numerous beaches . . . and the people are extremely friendly. Sex is plentiful, just post on Gay Romeo and you’ll have more guys contacting you than you have time for (and not one wanted money!)

My next stop was Bali, a beautiful island filled with pimps and whores. Yeah, I know, I’m suppose to talk about what a magical experience Bali is, but geeze! You can’t walk down the street without being offered a massage. Your ‘no thanks’ reply is answered with, “young girl”. Cringe. No reply. ”Young boy?”

Like Penang, your mail box on Gay Romeo will quickly fill in Bali. Most I wouldn’t fuck with your dick. But there were a surprising number of hot studs, several of whom weren’t looking for cash. A dinner out and a night in a nice hotel seemed to be enough to please.

So my big quandary as we touched down in Bangkok was whether to give Noom a call or take yet one more night off and visit with Nut from Tawan instead, or maybe hit some other bar and experience a bit more variety. Decisions, decisions. Stupid me! Like it was up to me anyway! I checked in to the hotel and within an hour Noom was in the lobby calling up to my room. Seems he’d been checking daily for my arrival at the hotel. So we had a nice reunion, cleaned up, and headed off to Soi Twilight for the night.

Noom then worked at Hot Male. Obviously I’d been there. And I wanted to try some of the other bars on the soi, so after dinner at Dicks we headed up the stairs at X-Size. Where I quickly learned it would have been disastrous ditching Noom for the night and hitting the other bars by myself. We’d barely walked in before Kim, who used to be a captain at Future (where Noom also used to work) appeared. And the manager of X-Size is another ex Future captain . . . so I’d have been busted royally and Noom would have been quite upset. Disaster avoided, we settled in for the show.

I was rather surprised by both the quantity and quality of the guys at X-Size. Probably 3 to 4 dozen were working that night (in the middle of the week) and there appeared to be a nice selection for all tastes. One was a pre-op tranny with rosebud tits – something I’d not seen on stage before. Plenty of the boy-next-door types, and several with nicely developed bodies. Maybe not to Tawan’s standard, but definitely on the muscled side. There were probably a half dozen I’d have considered taking off with me if I wasn’t already attached – a higher percentage than I’d found on this trip at any of the other places.

They started their show with a couple of guys naked and hard in the shower ‘tank’ at the right of the stage who sucked and grouped each other before another naked couple took the main stage. These guys each slowly put on a pair of white pantyhose and white gloves and then danced about the stage. Mmmmm, a strip show in reverse. Well, at least it was different. As there were only 2 other customers in the bar, it was a short show though several of the following acts were humorous because one or two of the guys in each act was obviously a fill-in and had no idea what he was suppose to be doing. A lot of laughing, and quite enjoyable. Noom tells me this bar does not fine their boys for not showing for work in order to encourage a larger number of boys to work their stable. He approved greatly of this approach.

Kim had also recently been in Chiang Mai and whipped out a business card for P.J.’s Guesthouse. Noom responded by whipping out his business card from The Montri and won that round based on room rate for the night (Montri being cheaper and for some reason thereby placing first). Kim talked about taking a Tuk Tuk around town and Noom played riding the 20 baht bus about winning another round (where I’d thought a the private car and driver would be the higher play . . . stupid farang!) It was quite amusing watching the two try and best each other over their respective trips.

We hit Future Boys next, which I really didn’t think had much of a future (and was proven right once again as by the year’s end Future Boys was no more). Had maybe twenty guys working and a total of six customers at showtime, which included Noom and me and an older Asian gent who was fast asleep. They started their show with a ladyboy act, the ladyboy being a rather skaggy bitch I’ve seen walking the soi for the last year or two. More boy than lady though she does try. And she was followed by another ladyboy wearing a much too short skirt since she’d forgotten to tuck herself away. Every time she twirled her dress rose up to reveal a rather large bulge in her panties. I don’t think it was suppose to be a comedy act, but Noom and I both were laughing uproariously (I never claimed to be a nice guy). And then yet another ladyboy act, this one was suppose to be funny and involved one of the guys dressed as a monk. Yawn. Finally got around to some real men, naked, hard, sucking and fucking – but the whole thing was uninspired and I understood why the old Asian guy across from us opted for a nap instead.

So much for the bar scene on my first night back in Bangkok. Back to the hotel; another romp between the sheets, and then a full night’s sleep (there is a benefit to Thai bar boys wanting to sleep in until the early afternoon!)

So after fucking myself silly in Malaysia and Indonesia for three weeks, was I still in love with Noom? Well, yeah. And I still am. He’s hot. But that part is more lust than love. And he’s incredibly sweet. I mentioned in a previous post that he is now ‘Hindu’ because he has adopted Garnesha as his personal god (evidently the elephant god is a quick source of money for his devotees). While I was away he shopped around and bought me a Garnesha statue. I was touched that he’d bought me a gift and that it was something that meant a great deal to him. Typical of his nature. And though it may fall more in the realm of lust than love . . . knowing how much I love looking at his body, and though he is typically Thai in not feeling comfortable laying about naked, in the morning when we wake up if he is sporting major wood he’ll uncover himself and lay there exposed, showing off. Big grin on my part and a great way to start the day!

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