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 Bangkok Gay Massage Guy

[UPDATE: Sorry. If you were looking for a new link to Shamlessmac’s blog, it’s not here either. His blog went silent sometime ago and while pundits offer reasons why, no one (but Mac) really knows. I’m leaving this post up, in honor of what was, but the link below will not whisk you into his world any longer.]

As much as I am itching to rip into several especially galling blogs out there (not to mention pretty much every Thailand forum) I thought I’d start out being nice. Or at least as nice as I’ll probably every be in this category. And so I present to you: Shamlessmack In Thailand.


I don’t do the gay massage parlor thing in Thailand. Just not my scene. But I know lots of guys who love these places. Well, Mack is one of them and he blogs a lot about the massage places both in Thailand and the Philippines. He also covers gogo bars (more my taste) and has recently begun posting about non-sex tourist spots, too.

I like his style of reporting. He’s very detailed and if you are using his site to pick out a massage place you’ll probably not be disappointed. At least you won’t be surprised.

And I’ve enjoyed his recent move to covering tourist attractions. There’s a sense of humor lurking in his posts so they are enjoyable beside providing info on whichever place he is covering.

I guess from someone calling himself shamlessmack you shouldn’t expect many punches being pulled. And that’s refreshing. He is unapologetic about his subject matter and straightforward in his coverage. Not given to blow by blow descriptions of the happy endings he’s experienced mind you, but he never glosses over the fact that his visits are for more than just a massage.

I especially appreciate that when he describes the guys available he is detailed about it. To often you’ll read about how some bar has the hottest guys in Thailand working there, but when you visit it turns out “hottest’ meant scrawny little street orphans. Yes, taste is subjective. My only criticism of his blog is the schedule he has developed for describing these guys. Detailed yes, but having to try and remember what a S1 / W2 ends up looking like is a bit much. But since I don’t have a suggestion on how to do it better, good job! In any case, he’ll usually use more understandable descriptions (i.e., beefy, but not muscular) when he’s describing the stable as a whole.

So thanks Mack for bringing an enjoyable gay Thailand blog into my world!

Tipof the Hat Award Winner

Tip of the Hat! Award Winner: Shamelessmack